Parametric Design & Fabrication Workshop

December 6, 2011 / M. Bravo, T. Schwinn, V. Vogler, I. Zindrou

External Event
METU, Ankara, Turkey

This 4 day intense workshop is dedicated to the development of techniques and concepts of parametric processes as instruments for architectural design and fabrication using the latest version of the parametric software Rhino Grasshopper. Students are going to develop parametric structures in a digital way and will then fabricate them in form of a physical model. The workshop includes a general introduction to Parametric Design and Fabrication, four professional Grasshopper tutorials, lectures about Architecture Theory and Non- Linear Design Strategies, short presentations about the recent work of the organizing staff, and finally, fabrication using the professional facilities at the NURUS Factory. A central part of the learning experience is to take a design all steps of the process – from idea to fabrication.

The international team of tutors provide assistance and accompany all individual projects from the initial idea and the digital modelling and to the final fabrication. The workshop will be an intense and exciting experience for all participants. On Friday, 9th of December all results will be exhibited at the Faculty of Architecture at METU, Ankara. Opening of the Exhibition will be at 19.00.

Arzu Gönenc Sorguc, Ipek Gursel from METU Ankara, Verena Vogler

Maite Bravo, Tobias Schwinn, Verena Vogler, Ioulietta Zindrou

Muge Krusa, Bilge Goktogan

ESER Insaat
METU Department of Architecture
NURUS from METU Ankara, Verena Vogler

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