AI in Architecture: Focused on Knowledge Graphs, Urban Performance, Data Modeling, and BIM

October 30, 2023 /

Guest Lecture
Part of the "Art, Architecture, and Technology” Course

Guest Lecture at UP

On October 30th, ICD/CA researcher Diellza Elshani gave a talk as part of the “Art, ‘Architecture, and Technology” course at the Faculty of Architecture, “Hasan Prishtina” University in Kosovo. Her talk centered around AI in Architecture, with a focus on knowledge graphs, urban performance, data modeling, and BIM. Additionally, Diellza introduced the ITECH master’s study program to the students.

In her talk, Diellza discussed urban performance through simulations and predictions using Machine Learning, which save time and enable real-time feedback during the design process. Afterward, she delved into Symbolic Artificial Intelligence, focusing on Knowledge Graphs and their capacity to integrate data, serving as a strong foundation for reasoning and cross-platform data queries.

This talk led to fruitful discussions about AI's impact on the architectural profession, the intersection of art, architecture, and technology in temporary architecture, considerations related to smart cities, digital technologies in the built environment, and various other topics.

Special thanks to Prof. Dr. Arta Basha Jakupi, Vice-Rector for internationalization and academic exchange, for inviting Diellza.

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