Bioinspiration - Innovation Inspired by Nature

October 26, 2022 / Institute for Computational Design and Construction

Vienna, Austria
[Picture: Technisches Museum Wien/Heimat Wien]

Bioinspiration - Innovation Inspired by Nature
Exhibition at the Technical Museum Vienna, 26.10.2022 - Fall 2023

Previous research by ICD and ITKE is currently on show at the Technical Museum in Vienna in a show titled "Bioinspiration - Innovation inspired by nature". The exibition is featuring fotographs of the ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2011, and a scale model and 1:1 timber segment of the Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall.

"From October 26, 2022, the new special exhibition "BioInspiration - Innovation Inspired by Nature" will illuminate how approaches to solutions from nature can be imitated in technology and, with more than 200 objects, media installations and interactive stations, will invite visitors on an amazing journey through the most diverse areas of application of biomimetics - starting with antiquity and ending with research in the present day. The exhibition, designed by the Parque de las Ciencias in Granada, covers 800 m² and features examples from architecture, medicine, transport, engineering, robotics, energy, urban planning, materials science, sports or space research that transfer approaches, processes or entire systems from nature to the field of technology."

Technical Museum Vienna

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