Computational Structural Design Supported by Machine Learning

September 13, 2023 /

13.-15.09., Future of Construction Symposium 2023, TU Munich

On September 15th, Thomas Wortmann and Max Zorn will teach a joint workshop at The Future of Construction Symposium 2023. Besides the two ICD/CA researchers, the workshop titled “Computational structural design supported by machine learning” will be taught by Pierluigi D’Acunto and Lazlo Bleker from TUM, Karla Saldaña Ochoa from University of Florida, and Zifeng Guo from Strabag.

The workshop will explore the intersection of computational design and machine learning (ML) to generate equilibrated structures. Part One of the workshop will provide an overview of computational design with ML, laying the foundation for the subsequent tutorial and design exercise. Part Two of the workshop will focus on a step-by-step tutorial on how to implement a design workflow using Combinatorial Equilibrium Modelling (CEM) as the generator, Opossum for optimization, and the Performance Explorer for design space exploration.

©Image Credit: The Future of Construction Symposium 2023

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