Creative Computing Seminar Exhibition

February 14, 2024 / Institute for Computational Design and Construction

K1, Foyer, Keplerstr. 11, Stuttgart

Creative Computing Seminar, B.Arch Architecture

Prof. Thomas Wortmann, tutors: Zuardin Akbar and Gili Ron
The Chair for Computing in Architecture (ICD/CA)

The products of "Creative Computing" Seminar is currently on show at the University of Stuttgart. The exhibition features interactive web application developed by the students using JavaScript and Three.JS. Learning through individual and group assignments, the web-apps developed aim at providing designers and novice users easy access to complex geometry generation, on-demand 3D-printing, public participation in design ino  micro and macro scales and, public-space accessibility and environmental adaptability.

You are welcome to visit the exhibition and play with the web apps on site, or online: 
NoiseCrafted Dimensions
Voxel Sculptor

VoxelSculpture project, by Jonathan Schill and Kai Müller
VoxelSculpture project, by Jonathan Schill and Kai Müller
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