Designing Architectural Research - NYIT

September 16, 2020 / Institute for Computational Design and Construction

New York Institute of Technology, NY, USA

Designing Architectural Research
The Designing Architectural Research exhibition will serve to launch two new Master of Science in Architecture programs in the School of Architecture and Design at NYIT. These programs are a Master of Science in Architecture, Computational Technologies, and a Master of Science in Architecture, Health and Design.

The motivation of this exhibition is to mobilize the design research agendas of the two MS programs. This exhibition will have two sections of exhibitors, classified respectively as Computational Technologies and Health & Design. Experimenting with technologies at the frontiers of the discipline, this exhibition will bring together 12 exhibitors in each classification, with a total of 24 exhibitors, with the aim to survey innovations in these areas at the forefront of architectural practice. The 24 invitees represent the specialized areas of design which the MS programs aim to focus on in a post-graduate research-based context. Design research practices involve analytical and synthetic modes of investigation, in open, exploratory milieus. As such, this group exhibition gathers thinkers and makers who are reconsidering conventions at the frontiers of disciplinary practices.

The ICD will contribute to the Computational Technologies section of the exhibition with the project Elytra Filament Pavilion.

The ICD researcher Niccolò Dambrosio will be taking part in the panel discussion for the launch of the event.


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