October 24, 2020 / D. Wood, H. J. Wagner, Y. Tahouni, L. Orozco, H. Chai, T. Cheng, P. F. Yuan, A. Menges

Dual-Additive Manufacturing Combining Timber and In-Process Bio-Based 3D-Printing


Hans Jakob Wagner, Dylan Wood, Tiffany Cheng, Chai Hua and Luis Orozco, with Yasaman Tahouni will host an international online workshop together at ACADIA 2020. 

This workshop explores the novel potentials for timber construction and computational design that arise at the intersection of rapid additive robotic assembly of timber elements and in-process bio-based 3D-printed connections. Participants will enter a virtual control room that is ready-equipped with finely crafted digital tools that will allow them to collaboratively control and directly initiate a robotic construction process in the Computational-Construction Laboratory of the Institute of Computational Design and Construction at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. A heavy-duty industrial robot arm on a 12m linear axis is equipped with a vacuum-gripper and a 3D printing effector that achieves bead-widths of up to 5mm thickness. The focus will be set on developing novel additive assembly sequences and interfaces leveraging the unique fabrication setup. The intent is to then automate the production of a series of 1.0 x 1.0 x 0.4 m prototype components each with different internal material arrangement. In parallel, the production sequence for a larger slab component will be explored and analysed digitally, and the internal arrangements documented through a series of layered line drawings. In a fast-paced cyber-physical robotic fabrication charrette this 4 x 2m big structural timber slab will be produced taking turns in collaboratively controlling the time-agnostic robotic setup according to participant’s global time zones.

Please find further information on the ACADIA Workshops Webpage.


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