Experimental Architecture Biennial #4: Digital Tactics

June 14, 2019 / R. Weber, S. Leder, A. Menges, J. Knippers

Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera, Prague, Czech Republic

Experimental Architecture Biennal #4: Digital Tactics
14.06.2019 - 01.09.2019, Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera, Prague, Czech Republic

Distributed Robotic Assembly System for In Situ Timber Construction developed by Samuel Leder and Ramon Weber for their ITECH Master’s thesis is on display at the Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera as part of the Experimental Architecture Biennial #4: Digital Tactics from 14 Jun 2019 to 1 Sep 2019.

Experimental Architecture Biennial in Prague is an international platform for showing the current tendencies and architectural design tactics in reaction to a changing world of new philosophies and technology. It aims at a new genesis of interest in architectural thinking and transcending the closed boundaries of local critics’ attitudes. The 4th edition is focused on the world of architecture and design after the time when the initial enthusiasm of digital technology has faded away and has become an inherent and unconscious part of human life. Digital enthusiasts have been humanized in designers, architects, or fashion designers. Robotic production has crossed the walls of industrial plants to populate the tables of creative and young designers. Digital designing has become a natural part of the creative process and digital technology as an integrated material of building structures.

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