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November 15, 2022 / Institute for Computational Design and Construction

ELMIA Subcontractor, Jönköping
[Picture: Elmia Subcontractor, Jöngköping]

Self-shaping wood at innovation fair

Material innovations
Exhibition in Jönköping, 14.-16.11.2022

Elmia Subcontractor is the heart of the industry, providing it with oxygen, energy and momentum for three effective days. It brings together thousands of like-minded people to share knowledge, create innovations and do business right on the hall floor. On site. With joy. And with tomorrow's solutions in focus.

On behalf of the Swedish exhibition company ELMIA, Haute Innovation has been commissioned to implement a special area on the latest material innovations on the occasion of Subcontractor from November 15-17, 2022 in Jönköping. Highlights include a 3D printed sports boat made from recycled plastics, a bellows rail brake being developed at ETH Zurich for the Hyperloop, a paper battery as a biodegradable energy storage device, and a saw blade made from a vibroacoustic metamaterial for sound and vibration reduction.

The HygroShape lounge chair showcases the potential of self-shaping wood at a directly understandable scale. The research spinn-off hylo tech continues the exploration of this technology’s potential for a range of interior and structural applications.

ELMIA Subcontractor

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