Human Robot Collaboration User-Study with Industry Partner Müller-Blaustein GmbH

November 23, 2023 /

Human Robot Collaboration in Timber Construction

On Novermber 21st the researchers of ICD were excited to welcome the employees of construction company Müller-Blaustein HolzBauWerke GmbH at the LCRL lab, for a day of user studies and industry feedback on novel technologies in timber prefabrication.
Researchers Xiliu Yang and Felix Amtsberg (ICD, RP 4-2, AP 29) with the help of student assistant Clara Blum, hosted a user study of augmented reality controlled robotic fabrication in timber.
Researchers Gili Ron and Amelie Schreck (ICD/CA, SOWI; AP30) hosted a user study of user experience in human robot collaboration empowered with machine learning.

We would like to thank our industry partners for their collaboration, to the LCRL team, and to Digitize Wood's Julia Mederus for arranging a wonderful event. 

Relevant Links available:
RP 4-2: Cyber-Physical Fabrication Platform: Fluid Fabrication
AP30: Towards Human-Robot Co-Agency

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