IntCDC Prefabrication Platforms

May 10, 2022

Large-Scale Construction Robotics Laboratory (LCRL), University of Stuttgart

 IntCDC's new prefabrication platforms arrived! We are excited to announce the delivery of four new robot platforms, which constitute the key elements of a mobile, reconfigurable factory for offsite, close-to-site or onsite prefabrication of building elements.

The IntCDC Prefabrication Platforms complement the IntCDC Construction Platforms including robot boom cranes and an automated tower crane, as well as the IntCDC Distributed Robotics Platform of a fleet of small, agile robots.

We are now very much looking forward to further advance our research on fully integrative computational design and cyber-physical fabrication and construction in the Cluster of Excellence IntCDC | University of Stuttgart.


For more detailed information please refer to the full announcement:



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