Knowledge Graphs for Co-Design of Built Environment

March 30, 2023 /

CoDeC -Cognitive Urban Design Computing. Vienna

CoDeC Symposion, City Intelligence Lab (CIL)

CoDeC Symposion, celebrating the completion of project CoDeC -Cognitive Urban Design Computing

On March 30th, ICD researcher Diellza Elshani will give a talk on "Knowledge Graphs for Co-Design of Built Environment" at the CoDeC Symposion of the City Intelligence Lab (CIL) of the Austrain Intitute of Technolgoy (AIT). 

This event consists of exciting presentations by researchers from academia and industry who will present current developments and project successes, and provide an outlook on the future of computational design.

Elshani will introduce a branch of Symbolic Artificial Intelligence (AI) called Knowledge Representation, specifically focusing on Knowledge Graphs and Ontologies. She will present the use of Knowledge Graphs and Ontologies in the AEC industry, highlighting their potential to enhance data interoperability and facilitate design decisions through description logic and reasoning. Additionally, she will talk about BHoM RDF, a toolkit that enables co-designing with knowledge graphs within AEC software.

The event will be held in person at the transdisciplinary art institution Reaktor in Vienna. Registration to the event can be done via eventbrite.




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