Materially programmed self-shaping furniture

Lecture Series Entrepreneurship: Research spinn-off hylo tech

December 20, 2022 /

Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University of Stuttgart

Entrepreneurship is not something you can learn, all you need is the motivation to make a difference. To do this, above all, you need to acquire the ability to learn faster than others. One of the fastest ways is to have the courage to ask the best experts directly.  The Entrepreneurship Lecture Series of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science at the University of Stuttgart has brought together exactly these experts from the startup ecosystem around the University of Stuttgart for more than 80 participants in a lecture series.

ICD researcher Laura Kiesewetter is presenting the research project HygroShape that investigated how material programming can be used to create self-shaping furniture. Together with her colleague Dylan Wood they founded the spinn-off company hylo tech to develop the technology further and explore its potential for a range of interior and structural applications.

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