KI und Digitalisierung: Kreativitätsmaschine oder Standardisierung?

Lecture series announced: “AI and Digitalisation: Creativity or Standardization?”

October 16, 2023 /

Lecture series
in the winter semester 2023/24 by ICD/CA

ICD/CA kicked-off the lecture series “AI and Digitalisation: Creativity or Standardization?” with a panel discussion by AI experts in industry and academia, assessing of the impact of AI on architectural design, teaching, and the profession. The panel was moderated by Prof. Thomas Wortmann (ICD/CA) with participation from: Erik Bauscher (AUD), Fabian Evers (GD, Züblin), Katja Rinderspacher (ITECH), Gili Ron (ICD/CA), and Stephan Weber (AKBW). Thank you for a vibrant discussion! Students and faculty, thank you for the outstanding turn out!
“AI and Digitalisation: Creativity or Standardization?” lecture series in the winter semester 2023/24 asks how the advancing digitalization of architectural practice - keyword BIM - as well as the ongoing rapid progress in the field of generative artificial intelligence - midjourney is on everyone's lips, but has long since ceased to be state-of-the-art - will change the professional profile of architects. Will creativity machines surpass human skills in architectural design-often understood as the core of architectural creation-or is human creativity in danger of being constrained by standardization? These questions are by no means new, but have arisen repeatedly in recent decades. Nicolas Negroponte's 1970 book "The Architecture Machine: Toward a More Human Environment" kicked things off, Volume 76 of Bauwelt Fundamente asked "CAD: Architecture Automatically?" in 1986, and David Ross Scheer stated the "death of drawing" in 2017. The lecture series reflects on these themes in light of current technological advances and the intensifying climate crisis.
The series is curated by  Tenure-Track Prof. Dr. Thomas Wortmann (ICD/CA). 
Looking forward to seeing you in the next coming talks!


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