Leveraging Natural Variations in Computational Material-Driven Design Using Optimization and Machine Learning

January 15, 2024 /

hessian.AI / Science Park Kassel GmbH

AISR Masterclass 2023/2024, Challenge: Design Processes and Manufacturing

On January 15th, ICD/CA researcher Zuardin Akbar will deliver an online lecture and engage in a dialogue session as part of the AI Startup Rising (AISR) Masterclass 2023/2024, Challenge: Design Processes and Manufacturing, led by Stefan Rötzel from hessian.AI and Science Park Kassel GmBH. Zuardin will present his current research on utilizing computational tools such as optimization and machine learning to produce more sustainable and resource-aware material-driven designs. 

hessian.AI – the Hessian Centre for Artificial Intelligence pursues the goal of conducting excellent basic research with concrete practical relevance and also to promote transfer to industry and society. The centre, in which 13 Hessian universities are involved, bundles the expertise of 22 AI scientists and expands it through 22 new professorships. 

Please find more information about the AISR Masterclass 2023/2024 here.

Special thanks to Stefan Rötzel for his invitation.


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