Maria Yablonina: MoRFES

December 20, 2018 / M. Yablonina, A. Menges

Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Kapelica Gallery: Maria Yablonina. MoRFES
13.12.2018 - 30.01.2019, Ljubljana, Slovenia

ICD Research Associate Maria Yablonina was invited to build and exhibit her latest research prototype Mobile Robotic Fabrication Eco-System - MoRFES_03 at the Kapelica Gallery.

MoRFES_03 is the newest iteration of Maria Yablonina's research into collaborative mobile robotic fabrication systems. An on-site space intervention will be fabricated with 3 bespoke mobile robots out of rope. During the exhibition opening, the system will be demonstrated live in a series of performances.

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