Prompt-to-Production: Aeonian Artefact Automation for Circular Timber Assemblies

June 30, 2024 /

DigitalFutures Conference, Tongji University, Shanghai

ICD is conducting a Workshop at the DigitalFutures Conference 2024 at Tongji University, Shanghai on the topic of generative AI to fabrication workflows. The workshop is taught by Zhenxiang Huang, Nils Opgenorth and Hans Jakob Wagner:


Confronted with accelerating rates of change, the responsible design of our physical environments demands a resolution of dichotomies: Long-lasting, sustainable design philosophies need to align with hyper-adaptive, on-demand realities. In this workshop, we explored potential resolutions to this challenge by employing AI-enabled computational design and robotic fabrication for rapidly reconfigurable circular timber assemblies. We investigated approaches to streamline the design process through generative AI and integrated immediate physical materialization via automated generation, digital simulation, and fine-tuning of robotic fabrication processes. Timber components designed for circular reuse were re-assembled by a robotic arm following a Prompt-to-Production methodology, in which a text prompt was used to generate architectural timber designs, from which robotic fabrication sequences were derived. Workshop participants were introduced to integrative design-to-fabrication workflows developed at ICD Stuttgart and applied to multiple large-scale building projects. The workshop included hands-on tutorials, presentations, and guest lectures on relevant topics of design computation and robotic timber construction. Depending on individual expertise, participants had the opportunity to delve into the workflow and code, and develop their own group projects.


The results of the participant group projects will be presented with external guest reviewers on 5th July 2024 at Tongji University and exhibited at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning.


Guest Reviewers:

Aldo Solazzo, Co-Director MRAC (IAAC), Director (Noumena Group, Barcelona)
Glenn Andert, Innovation Portfolio Manager (Beca Group, New Zealand)
Marvin Bratke, Managing Partner (Urban Beta and Beta Realities, Berlin)
Prof. Thomas Wortman, Tenure-Track Professor (ICD University of Stuttgart)


Tianyi Bo, Peter Búš, Shiyi Cao, Yaqi Chen, Yiqian Jia, Jiayi Li, Xinyi Li, Dandan Lin, Yuxing Liu, Xu Liu, Moritz Rietschel, Zhuoyang Xin, Yi Zhang, Zhou Ziheng


Technical and Administrative Support:

Jonas Mertens (ITECH)

Qinhui Yooh (CAUP Tongji)


Financal Support and Sponsoring:


Meshy AI

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