Ressourceneffizientes Bauen mit Naturfasern

March 17, 2022 /

Architekturforum Freiburg e.V.

ICD researcher Katja Rinderspacher and Prof. Dr. Thomas Speck (Spokesperson and Principal Investigator of the Cluster of Excellence Living, Adaptive and Energy-autonomous Materials Systems - livMatS) will give a joint talk at the livMatS Pavilion in the Botanic Garden in Freiburg.

The livMatS Pavilion stems from the successful collaboration of an interdisciplinary team of architects and engineers of the ITECH master`s programme at the Cluster of Excellence “Integrative Computational Design and Construction for Architecture (IntCDC)” at the University of Stuttgart and biologists from the Cluster of Excellence “Living, Adaptive and Energy-autonomous Material Systems (livMatS)” at the University of Freiburg and was enabled by a novel combination of natural materials and advanced digital technologies.


The event is open to the public with pre registration and is hosted by the Architecturforum Freiburg e.V.
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