Robots that build, feel, and interact with humans

April 22, 2021 / A. Menges, T. Cheng, Y. Tahouni, K. Rinderspacher, L. Orozco, D. Wood

Girls' Day 2021

ICD researchers Tiffany Cheng, Yasaman Tahouni, Katja Rinderspacher, Luis Orozco, and Dylan Wood will teach a Girls' Day workshop about robots that build, feel, and interact with humans in an event co-organized with the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Haptic Intelligence Department (Yijie Gong, Mayumi Mohan, and Natalia Sanchez).

Each year, Germany celebrates Girls' Day – a day dedicated to nurturing young women's curiosity by encouraging them to explore opportunities in science and technology.

Robotics has revolutionized many fields and processes - from surgical procedures to architectural construction. In this workshop, we introduce the world of robotics and show the diversity of their sizes, shapes, and the tasks they can perform. We will go on a virtual tour across different research laboratories where the robots live. First, we demonstrate how humans can interact with robots in several ways. Then, together we will design and make a furniture-scale object using our industrial robotic arms.

Do you want to learn about the diverse world of robotics and collaborate in building a 3D object with robots? If so, join us on Girls Day!

To register: Girls' Day Radar

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