SAC Workshop Material Geometry

March 18, 2013 / K. Dierichs, K. Penner

External Event
Städelschule Architecture Class, Frankfurt, Germany

Material Geometry
Developing Architectural Articulations of Interiority Based on Geometry-Inherent Surface Materiality

Surface geometry is directly linked to surface materiality. To develop the material vocabulary of a specific surface geometry frees – rather than limits – the architectural design expression.

The 5-day workshop will explore surface classes and directly link them to material construction systems. The surface geometries and their related material systems will be introduced in a lecture format. Starting from there, teams will work hands on, investigating the refinement and development of the material surface system with specific respect to articulating the architectural notion of interiority.

Material systems are frequently being developed at a 1:1 scale. Yet in order to implement them within larger design processes, they need to reach a degree of abstraction. Groups of material systems can thus be summed up into geometric control surfaces, so that they can be applied in a scaled design model and further specified reliably in the following design stages. The geometry of such a surface can be described through different logics, such as its curvature or the method of their generation. These principles serve to understand and control the respective surface and intrinsically relate it to a specific material system.

Interiority can be articulated by such Material Geometries in two different manners. They can vary the material characteristics themselves, such as transparency and opacity or hardness and softness. They can however also differentiate exterior and interior spatial articulations by geometric means. Both Material Interiority and Geometric Interiority in combination will be woven into a coherent concept within the course of the workshop.

Staedelschule Architecture Class (SAC)

Ben van Berkel, Johan Bettum


Karola Dierichs, Katharina Lindenberg


Sundeep Balagurvalya, Elene Beradze, Soso Beridze, Adil Bokhari, Helga Boldt, Sujata Chitlangia, Amin Eivani, Sabina Eivazova, Alexander Gharibashvili, Julian Gonzales, Evangelina Goula, Ashwant Govindaraji, Lidija Grozdanic, Anastasios Ioannou, Theodora Janenita, Damjan Jovanovic, Yulia Kushleva, Tornike Matitashvili, Curtis McLean, Tim Münnich, Sophia Passberger, Mehran Rahmani, Adham Selim, Kalpak Shah, Vasily Sitnikov, Maria Yablonina

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