SlowWood: Vom Kirschbaum zum Objekt

April 9, 2022 / Institute for Computational Design and Construction

Dorfmuseum Stricklerhuus, Hombrechtikon, Switzerland

SlowWood: Vom Kirschbaum zum Objekt
09.04.2022 - 22.05.2022, Dorfmuseum Stricklerhuus, Hombrechtikon, Switzerland

A self shaping furntirue piece produced by ICD and hylo tech will be displayed as part of an exhibition organized by the orginization SlowWood in Switzerland.  The exhbition showcases a number of objects, products and concepts originating from the harvesting of a single cherry tree in early 2020.

From the organizers:

SlowWood is the name of the project that a group of 45 craftsmen, designers, technicians, scientists and people who like to experiment in the style of the SlowWood movement begun in 2017.  At the center is an approximately 80-year-old cherry tree from the Grüninger forest in the Zurich Oberland, which had to be was destined to be felled due to the onset of due to the onset of decay.

It was a stately tree with a trunk diameter of about 70 diameter and a height of about 23 meters. height of about 23 meters, which according to the traditional according to the traditional lunar calendar on 15. December 2018 was felled. The tree was divided into nine sections "from root to leaf", as each section has different has different possibilities for products features. Individual pieces of wood have been refined by innovative processes and have expanded the product range.

The exhibition shows over 35 regionally converted objects or products from the different sections of the tree. From the perfume of the kitchen from the roots, to furniture, works of art to the mosaic damask knife with compacted wood (award-winning tropical wood Substitute) from the forest cherry tree. We invite you to join us in the multifaceted world of trees and innovative and traditional wood craftsmanship. For more information about the project at

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