Smart Flexibility - Materfad

June 25, 2014 / A. Menges, O. Krieg, S. Reichert

Materfad Centre de materials, Barcelona, Spain

fadfest - The Festival of All Design
25.06.2014 - 10.07.2014, Materfad Centre de materials, Barcelona, Spain

Materfad is the first and unique Spanish benchmark centre for disseminating innovative and unique materials, located in Barcelona.
For 2014, and on occasion of fadfast´s 4th edition, Materfad will organize the exhibiton Smart Flexibility: Advanced material and Technology. Its purpose is to present a range of materials and technologies which allows architectural and design projects to be flexible and (re)active.
The FADfest is the annual festival organized by the FAD (Fostering of Arts and Design) and, as part of the Barcelona Design Festival, transforms the city into the capital of design during two weeks. It will show an aperture element of the HygroSkin: Meteorosensitive Pavilion project by Achim Menges in collaboration with Oliver David Krieg and Steffen Reichert.

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