Stallwächterparty 2022

July 7, 2022 / Institute for Computational Design and Construction

Berlin, Germany

"The Ständ" at the Stallwächterparty 2022 in Berlin

The Institute for Computational Design and Construction was invited by the Ministry of Baden Württemberg and the Holzbau Offensive to showcase the expertise in computational wood architecture at the Stallwächterparty 2022 in Berlin on 7. July 2022. ICD researchers will be joined by one of the new robotic timber construction platforms  - which will assemble tables for the party during a live showcase.

To showcase the wide range of appications with wood that are researched within the ICD "The Ständ" will be accompanied by give aways of "The Phone Ständs"  - functional prototypes of self-shaping wood technology designed in colaboration with the spin off hylo tech. Once "The Phone Ständs" are unwrapped and exposed to ambient conditions, guests experience their slow, autonomous self-assembly first hand.

Since 1964, the Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the Federal Government has held its traditional summer party, the Stallwächterparty, shortly before the start of the parliamentary summer recess. The Stallwächterparty is the "event flagship" of the state representation and has become one of the most important communication platforms of the political summer in the federal capital over the past decades.

Attendance is possible by personal invitation only.


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