Tailored Structures, Robotic Sewing of Wooden Shells

September 13, 2018 / M. Alvarez, E. Martinez-Parachini

Rob|Arch 2018, ETH, Zürich, Switzerland

ICD Research Associate Martín Alvarez and ITECH graduate Erik Eugenio Martinez-Parachini will present the paper “Tailored Structures, Robotic Sewing of Wooden Shells" (Alvarez, M., Martinez-Parachini, E., Baharlou, E., Krieg, O., Schwinn, T., Vasey, L., Chai, H., Menges, A., Yuan, P.) at the Rob|Arch 2018 conference for Robotic Fabrication in Architecture, Art, and Design: "RADICAL CROSS-DISCIPLINARITY" held at ETH, Zürich on September 10-15.

For more information visit: Rob|Arch 2018

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