Textile Morphologies

January 28, 2013 / S. Ahlquist

University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

Textile Morphologies
18.01.2013 - 27.01.2013, University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

This exhibition showcases on-going developments in the doctoral work of Sean Ahlquist through research and teaching at the Institute for Computational Design at Stuttgart University and University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. Through a series of various scaled prototypes and computational simulations a methodology is established by which structurally integrated systems can be explored as intricate and variegated spatial forms. The work spans the topics of computation, in the development of a Java-based framework for modeling material behavior, and material performance, in generating mutli-layer membrane systems and textile hybrid structures.

The exhibition is on display at the University of Stuttgart, Faculty of Architecture, Keplerstrasse 11, K1 Building in the Foyer space. The exhibition runs 18-27 January 2013.

Scientific Research
Sean Ahlquist, ICD Institute for Computational Design, University of Stuttgart | Univ. of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning

Prof. Achim Menges, Bum Suk Ko, Oliver Kaertkemeyer, Boyan Mihaylov, Viktoriya Nicolova, Michael Pelzer, Christine Rosemann (ICD, Stuttgart University) | Prof. Jan Knippers, Julian Lienhard (ITKE, Stuttgart University) | Lauren Bebry, Steven Beites, Tom Bessai, Dillon Erb, Delia Guarneros, Amar Kalo, Jake Newsum, Aaron Willette (Univ. of Michigan) | Bettina Woerner (Woerner Textiles), Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen (CITA, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts) | Helene Jensen (Design-skolen, Kolding)

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