Tree to Product Workshop

April 8, 2022 /

Digitize Wood - IntCDC Workshop, Stuttgart

Workshop with Visiting Professor Martin Tamke

IntCDC Visting Professor Martin Tamke (CITA, KADK Copenhagen) and digitize wood invite to the workshop "Tree to Product - Opportunities in the Digital Timber Value".

The event will take place on 08 April 2022 from 8.30 - 1:00 p.m. on site of the University of Stuttgart.

The workshop addresses the shift in understanding of materials in architecture and engineering which takes place due to the climate crisis and the move towards a bio-based economy. Here material can no longer be understodd as a readily available off the shelf product, but as a precious resource with impact on local ecological and social level.

Timber is often presented as the solution for the negative impact of our current building practice we observe simultaneously, that up to 70% of the raw material from trees becomes waste in its transformation to building elements; and that a material with very individual, complex and fascinating behaviours is classified into a few standard grades in order to conform our current industrial construction logics. Simultaneously huge efforts are undertaken to digitize sectors in both forestry and building industry.

Together we want to learn and discuss about resource and data flows in the forestry and building sector and how a potential linkage of these could provide an opportunity for designers and fabricators to create or improve products, processes and services in terms of sustainability, accountability, clarity and efficiency.

The invited Speakers will present views from industry and research along the whole Timber Value Chain:

  • Martin Tamke (CITA)
  • Udo Sauter (FVA Forstliche Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt Baden-Württemberg)
  • Jan Bulmer (Holzbau-Offensive BW)
  • Tom Svilans (CITA)
  • Markus Lukacevic (Institut für Mechanik der Werkstoffe und Strukturen , TU Vienna)
  • Laura Kiesewetter (ICD)
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