Workshop Expert Guest Lectures

June 27, 2020 / F. Amtsberg, L. Orozco, H. Svatos-Raznjevic

Lecture Series
DigitalFutures, Tongji University, CH

Felix Amstberg, Luis Orozco and H. Svatos-Raznjevic will give presentation on their current research at the expert lecture series within the Platform-based Robotic Timber Architecture Workshop at this years DigitalFuturesWORLD Conference

Luis Orozco will speak about key players and their roles in the world of contemporary timber constuction. He will also cover some of the most recent developments in Multi-Storey Timber Architecture during his lecture on Monday 29th June at 10am. 

Hana Svatoš-Ražnjević will speak about her research of contemporary multi-storey timber buildings and the emerging trends and limitations within both modular and serial wood construction typologies on Tuesday 30th June at 10am. 

Dr. Felix Amtsberg will speak about current state-of-the-art automation technologies in industrial prefabrication for wood architecture on Wednesday 1st July at 10am.

The ICD researchers will be joined in the expert guest lecture series by Lu Ming from Tongji University and Simon Bechert from the ITKE University of Stuttgart. 

The lectures will be streamed live on the Workshops YouTube Channel. More information 

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