bhOWL: BHoM with Semantic Web Technologies

June 15, 2023 /

11th Linked Data in Architecture and Construction | Matera, Italy

bhOWL: BHoM with Semantic Web Technologies

ICD researcher Diellza Elshani, along with Alessio Lombardi, a software developer at Buro Happold, will deliver a lecture titled "bhOWL: BHoM with Semantic Web Technologies" as part of the industry track presentations at LDAC on June 15, 2023, in Matera, Italy.

The LDAC (Linked Data in Architecture and Construction) workshop series provides a focused overview on technical and applied research on the usage of semantic web, linked data and web of data technologies for architecture and construction (design, engineering, construction, operation, etc.)

bhOWL is an acronym for BHoM represented in OWL. ICD/CA and Buro Happold have collaborated to develop a toolkit that enables the conversion of any BHoM object into bhOWL within design software like Grasshopper 3D. This presentation will cover several key aspects, including:

  1. The motivation behind the development of this toolkit, which stems from data interoperability challenges in the building industry.
  2. The parallels between BHoM and Semantic Web Technologies.
  3. The applications of bhOWL as knowledge graphs.
  4. An outlook on the future of integrating graph embeddings and machine learning for link predictions.

The LDAC Summer School and Workshop will take place in Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti (CTE) in Matera, Italy. CTE Matera is a local center of technological innovation and emerging technologies, such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT). 

In addition, this year, Elshani is serving as one of the program committee members for LDAC.

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