bhOWL: Federated Data Schemas and Semantic Web Technologies via Design Tools with a Focus on Grasshopper 3D

November 20, 2023 /

W3C Community and Business Groups

ICD/CA researcher, Diellza Elshani, will give a talk on 'bhOWL: Federated Data Schemas and Semantic Web Technologies via Design Tools with a Focus on Grasshopper 3D' as part of the W3 Linked Building Data Community Group (LBD CG) Call Series on November 20, 2023.

bhOWL stands for the OWL representation of the Buildings and Habitats Object Model (BHoM). BHoM is an open-source software framework initiated by Buro Happold, providing a unified data model for building design and construction information. Semantic Web technologies can effectively link data, and integrating BHoM with Semantic Web can enhance information exchange efficiency and accuracy in the building industry.

LBD CG is a W3C group comprising experts in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Web of Data technologies. The group aims to define existing and future use cases and requirements for linked data-based applications throughout the building life cycle. They organize events in conjunction with the affiliated workshop series on Linked Data for Architecture and Construction (LDAC) and host a series of workshops on ontology engineering, ontology alignment, and software development for linked building data. For more information on LDB CG, visit

In her talk, Diellza will present several Grasshopper components that were developed as part of this research project between the University of Stuttgart and Buro Happold. These components can facilitate the creation of ontologies within Grasshopper, conversion of classes from BHoM (or C# Grasshopper classes) to OWL/RDF and vice versa, as well as the seamless exchange of data to a graph database, GraphDB.

Team members of bhOWL project are: Diellza Elshani, Alessio Lombardi, Dr.rer.nat. Daniel Hernández, Aaron Wagner, Prof. Dr. Steffen Staab, Dr. Al Fisher, and Tenure-Track Prof. Dr. Thomas Wortmann. More information in the project can be found on the github page.

Special thanks to LBD CG, especially the chairs Alex Donkers, Mathias Bonduel, and Katja Breitenfelder


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