Self-Shaping Wood Furniture

interzum Trend Stage 2023 in Köln

May 12, 2023 /

Presentation on Trend Stage

ICD researcher Laura Kiesewetter will give a lecture on materially programmed wood and its potential applications in furniture scale.

HygroShape is a first of its kind concept for truly self-shaping furniture. Using the natural, intrinsic properties of wood furniture pieces are produced in physically programmed flatpack configurations, materially programmed to shape themselves when unpacked. This self-shaping emerges from the hygroscopic shrinkage that naturally occurs in wood materials. It happens effortlessly, in silence, without human interaction, tools or assembly instructions, unfurling smoothly, as quickly as overnight. Once shaped, the parts lock mechanically creating stability, while retaining an active ergonomic function through small harmonious movements. The project represents a shift in design and manufacturing processes implementing material programming to harness the unique potentials of sustainable materials and practices. With this comes a new material design language embracing the qualities and characteristics of the natural as an integrative expression of form and function. The spin-off company hylo tech continues the exploration of this technology's potential for a range of interior and structural applications.

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