Material Performance - Fibrous Tectonics & Architectural Morphology

2016 | Books / Journals
Harvard University GSD

Menges, A.

Menges, A. (ed.): 2016, Material Performance - Fibrous Tectonics & Architectural Morphology, Harvard University GSD, Cambridge. (ISBN: 978-1-934510-57-5)

The book „Material Performance: Fibrous Tectonics & Architectural Morphology“ reports on the design research studio led by Achim Menges at Harvard University GSD from 2013 to 2015. This studio explored material performance, its manifold and deep interrelations with technology, biology, and culture, with a particular focus on fiber-composite materials. The publication features selected studio projects and critics’ responses by Johan Bettum, Axel Kilian and Jenny Sabine. In addition it includes an introduction essay and studio agenda by Achim Menges, as well as an essay by Marshall Prado and Moritz Dörstelmann.

The book is available as a hardcopy version or as a free digital version.

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