Form Follows Performance: Zur Wechselwirkung von Material, Struktur, Umwelt

2008 | Book / Journal
Arch+ 188

Hensel, M., Menges, A.

Hensel, M., Menges, A. (eds.): 2008, Form Follows Performance: Zur Wechselwirkung von Material, Struktur, Umwelt, ArchPlus No. 188, ArchPlus Verlag, Aachen. (ISSN 05873452)

Is it possible to fundamentally rethink architecture not as a mere change of appearances, but, instead starting from the relevant parameters that regulate the generation and behaviour of the built environment? What could be the starting point for this and which examples might guide this effort? Arch+ 188 undertakes the effort to address these questions. As the title indicates this volume aims to be programmatic, in that it introduces a possible beginning for a performance-oriented architecture. The integral process of formation and materialisation of natural systems serves as a model. Central to this research and the related studies are material systems that interact with a context-specific environment and that respond to structural, functional and performative criteria. These material systems are defined by structure and the possibility of its differentiation, and yield new potential for design by being establishing an intermediary scale between the micro-scale of the material and the macro-scale of the building.

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