Computational Design Methoden für die Gestaltung von Automobilen

2015-2019 | Doctoral Research

Steffen Reichert

Computational Design Methoden für die Gestaltung von Automobilen

This dissertation investigates the applicability of computational design methods beyond classical CAD modelling for the field of automotive design. Form generating algorithms and related application strategies are systematically compared, practically tested and experimentally explored with respect to their use in automotive design and their characteristic shape language. Further, it is investigated at which phase algorithmic methods can be applied in the design process.

Initially, the work is placed in the historical, methodological and theoretical context of the development of computational design. Introductory principles as well as the state of the art are discussed. Subsequently, syntactic components of virtual form generation and form modification are discussed on a principle level and put together in the form of a conceptual framework. This generalized framework will serve as a framework for the classification of the case studies and as a general description of a design system.

A collection of six case studies provides an overview of the possibilities of computational design and the variety of its applications in automotive design. The case studies include (1) algorithmic methods for the generation of patterns, (2) the investigation of a generative method for the algorithmic generation of three dimensional vehicle bodies, (3) methods of design transformation in order to be able to deform geometric bodies with an increased degree of freedom, (4) methods of algorithmic, three-dimensional modulation of a body surface, (5) methods of algorithmic creation of design variants, and (6) an empirical study on the validity of computational design in the practical design process of a concept car.

The case studies provide a number of overarching insights into the usefulness of algorithms and computational design in the automotive design context. It is discussed which types of algorithmic methods can be applied in which areas and in which phase of the process. It is shown that computational design means more than the simple application of algorithms or programming in the design process.

ICD Institute for Computational Design and Construction

Scientific development: Steffen Reichert

Supervision: Prof. Achim Menges

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Institute for Computational Design and Construction

University of Stuttgart, Keplerstraße 11, 70174 Stuttgart

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