Additive Manufacturing Lab

Research Infrastructure

Supporting teaching and research in the area of additive manufacturing.

Photographs of the Additive Manufacturing Lab

Additive Manufacturing Lab

The Additive Manufacturing Lab houses the infrastructure related to 4D printing and Material Programming research at ICD. The 47 m² work area is equipped with several 3D printers, including FFF 3D printers (Felix Printers, Lulzbot, Ultimaker) and Bioprinters. In addition, the lab is equipped with testing and measurement devices, including two programmable humidity chambers. This setup is used for additive manufacturing and testing of weather-responsive, self-shaping structures.

LCRL Lab, EXC IntCDC Universität Stuttgart
Handwerkstrasse 25 
71336 Waiblingen-Hohenacker

S-Bahn: S3 – Neustadt-Hohenacker
Tel: +49 (0) 711 685 811 10

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Institute for Computational Design and Construction

University of Stuttgart, Keplerstraße 11, 70174 Stuttgart

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