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2020-2023 | Research Projects
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Adaptive Modular Construction with Flow Production Methods

Adaptive Modular Construction with Flow Production Methods

In March 2018 the German Research Foundation (DFG) has granted the funding for a new Priority Programme SPP 2187 "Adaptive Modular Construction with Flow Production Methods". The interdisciplinary Programme has been initiated by Prof. Peter Mark (RUB), Prof. Albert Albers (KIT), Prof. Markus König (RUB), Prof. Gisela Lanza (KIT) and  Prof. Daniel Lordick (TU Dresden). ICD Stuttgart is contributing to this integrative programme with the sub-project "Agent-based Methods for Fabrication-oriented Design of Adaptive Modular Prefab Concrete Construction". 

Within production technology, end-to-end concepts of quality assurance and zero-error principles have been established. Fixed and industrialized production systems utilizing modern flow-production methods often require their output modules to have a serialized character. Yet, by the integration of digital feedback systems and more customizable fabrication techniques, a higher degree of individualization can be realized. Within the SPP 2187, these concepts shall be adapted towards processes occurring in the construction sector.  

Speed and reliability become an ever more crucial part during the construction process. At the same time, the importance of adaptability and individualisation is on the rise. The nation-wide Priority Program SPP 2187 is researching flow production methods in modular prefabricated concrete construction. The focus lies on aiming for individuality on a large-scale while achieving similarity at small-scale. Hereby modularization techniques for large-scale structures are developed in parallel to high-precision, process-specific methods for high- and mid-volume customizable production.

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