Human-Robot-Collaboration II

2022-2024 | Research Projects
Forschungsinitiative Zukunft Bau (BBSR)

Institute for Computational Design and Construction (Prof. Achim Menges)

Human-Robot-Collaboration (MRK II)

Flexibilization of (pre-)fabrication in timber construction through augmented reality supported human-robot cooperation with multiple machines and human craft

Timber construction is a pioneer in the use of technological developments and utilizes the latest fabrication machinery in prefabrication. In the course of this, prefabrication is currently evolving away from craftsmanship towards full automation of the factory. Steps that were the preserve of human workers just a few years ago are now carried out by machines. Initial studies are already testing completely human-free production systems. The quality and value of human craft is barely considered in this trend. On the other hand, developments in the field of robotic technologies and augmented reality (AR), enable new communication and fabrication managment strategies and thus a more direct interaction of these actors becomes feasible.

This research aims to incorporate high level of automation technology (i.e. heavy payload industrial robots) and human craft in cooperative timber construction prefabrication processes using AR. It investigates important aspects, such as workflow management, task sharing of several actors (>2) and safety strategies with the aim for higher flexibility in the manufacturing of low batch sizebuilding elements, typical for the AEC sector. Thus, the research offers an innovative contribution against the current trend and enables especially SMEs with little financial strength a flexible and competitive manufacturing strategy. Consequently, the workers continue to have a value-adding activity in the construction industry.


ICD Institute for Computational Design and Construction, University of Stuttgart

Xiliu Yang, Dr. Felix Amtsberg, Prof. Achim Menges


Matthias Buck

müllerblaustein HolzBauWerke GmbH

Johannes Groner


BBSR - Bundesinstitut für Bau- Stadt- und Raumforschung im Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Raumordnung. Innovationsprogramm Zukunft Bau


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