Ljubljana Academy of Contemporary Dance

Winter Semester 2011/12 | IRGE/ICD Diploma Project
Diploma Project

IRGE: Prof. M. Allmann
ICD: Prof. A. Menges


Play is a basic human need. Etymologically the German word for play, “Spiel”, descends from the old high German “Spil” which means “dance motion”. Dance comprises different categories that are established in game studies: mimicry for theatrical play and Ilinx for the consciously instigated rapture. Spaces for contemporary forms of dance will be the subject of the diploma thesis.

An inherent part of the design task is the development and application of computational design processes that enable not only the experimental investigation, critical reflection of spatial structure, tectonic composition, and performative qualities of architecture but also an integrative design solution.

The academy for contemporary dance will be situated in the multi-layered urban structure of Ljubjana in close proximity to existing cultural institutions. Dance studios, seminar rooms and a large auditorium will have to be negotiated with the constraints of the urban context.
Additional information
The diploma topic is being offered by the IRGE in close collaboration with the ICD. Prior knowledge of generative design processes and scripting is required.

The secretary of the IRGE is maintaining a list of students that are interested in choosing this diploma topic. Ultimately, the participants will be announced at the start of the winter semenster.

The IRGE will be offering an excursion to Ljubljana open to the students of the architecture department from October 27 to 30, 2011. Diploma students are encouraged to join this excursion, travel and accommodation will have to be organized individually. The contact people for the excursion are Bettina Klinge and Sebastian Wockenfuss.



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