Experimental Structure I: Pavilion ICD/ITKE

Summer Semester 2010   ICD Design Studio
Diploma 3901-04

ICD: Prof. A. Menges, M. Fleischmann, C. Robeller, K. Dierichs
ITKE: Prof. J. Knippers, J. Lienhard, S. Schleicher, D. D'Souza

Experimental Structure I: Construction ICD/ITKE Pavilion
The aim of this design project is the realization of an experimental structure in front of the K2 Building of the University of Stuttgart. The basis of the design is a project developed in the context of the design studio ,Material Systems II/bend.IT'. The material system, consisting of elastic bending elements, and the corresponding computational information model are meant to be developed further with regards to their architectural, structural, performance-based and manufacturing requirements. The developed model is to be realized in a 1:1 prototype.

The Team will be made up of students and members of the two institutes, ICD and ITKE. The main focus of the work will be on three innovative aspects of the structure:

1. Bending as a self-forming process; respectively, the elastic deformation as a form-giving principle of construction, which in building design remains to be a marginally utilized method. This experimental structure is based on a material system that uses the elastic bending behaviour of mutually stabilizing strip-elements. The overall form and the corresponding system behaviour emerge from the parametric variation of the self-forming bending figures of the individual elements.

2. As a basis for the further development of the design, an integral computational information model is being used, derived from the specific bending behaviour of the elements. In the framework of further developing the design, this basic model will be informed through embedding additional architectural, structural, performance-based and manufacturing requirements.

3. The computational process will be directly linked to computer-aided manufacturing. The fabrication of the system-elements will be conducted with the new robotic manufacturing facility of the prototyping workshop. The assembly of the system-elements and the final construction of the pavilion will be done by the project team.
Experimental Structure I: Research Pavilion Project

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