Independent Diploma: Computational Matters

Summer Semester 2012 | ICD Diploma Project
Diploma Project

Prof. A. Menges

Computational Matters

Independent diploma thesis topics at the ICD

Architecture is being increasingly suffused with computational processes that affect larger and larger areas of design, planning and construction. Never before in the history of architecture has been a similar amount of comprehensively novel technological possibilities at the architect’s disposal in such a short period of time. As a result a wealth of interesting and relevant questions arises that can be examined, experimented with, or discussed on a theoretical level as part of an independent diploma thesis at the Institute for Computational Design.

The ICD is offering the opportunity for support of independent diploma theses that investigate computational design processes, digital design research, or computer-based fabrication processes within the framework of a building design or urban planning project, an experimental project, or a theoretical treatise.

By appointment, potential topics can be discussed with ICD’s teaching faculty and, based on area of focus topics can be individually tutored and supported. Prior participation in ICD’s courses and studios is highly recommended. Working in teams of two is also an option.




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