4D Wood Mechanisms

Summer Semester 2018 | External Thesis Supervision
Bachelor Thesis, ETH Zurich

Prof. A. Menges, D. Wood
Prof. I. Burgert, Prof. H. Hermann, M. Rüggeberg, F. Wittel, P. Grönquist (IFB, ETH Zürich)

Utilization of anisotropic moisture response in wood for shape-changing mechanisms

Selected civil engineering students in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering, Institute for Building Materials at ETH Zürich will conduct their Bachelor thesis under the supervision of Markus Rüggeberg, Falk Wittel, Philippe Grönquist and Dylan Wood (Institute for Computational Design and Construction, University of Stuttgart). The overarching topic of these projects is the utilization of the anistropic moisture response of wood for triggering out-of plane deformations leading to complex, double-curved wood structures. This manufacturing process, which embodies a simple production of structures that can transform their shape at different times, is often referred to as a 4D manufacturing process. Within the projects, the students will elaborate generic movement patterns with various curvatures using beech and densified beech wood. They will scout for promising configurations using the Finite Element software ABAQUS, fabricate prototypes, and build up a shape catalogue.

Smart Innovative Manufacturing of Wood Components
Wood Material Science ETH Zürich
Computational Physics ETH Zürich

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