Advanced Design Scripting and Programming

Summer Semester 2018 | ITECH Seminar
Master Module 47561
Bachelor Module 22801
Computational Design

ICD: Prof. A. Menges, L. Nguyen, F. Ernst

Advanced Design Scripting and Programming

C# provides high-performance interaction with Rhino/Grasshopper modelling via scripting/programming. This enables us to go beyond what is normally possible with the native features alone.
The workshop will cover the following topics:
- Basic C# programming, the .NET framework and concepts in objected-oriented programming
- Going beyond visual programming in Grasshopper with the C# component
- The RhinoCommon API, the library that allow us to interact with Rhino/Grasshopper programmatically
- How to write plugins for Grasshopper with Microsoft Visual Studio and the Grasshopper API
- Program a fast and interactive fl ocking simulation inside Rhino/Grasshopper
- A short introduction to computational complexity and spatial data structure
- Accessing C# code using Python
...and more.

Prerequisite is previous participation in the seminar „Associative and Algorithmic Design“ (Computational Design 1) or experience with Grasshopper and Programming.
Attendance is compulsory!

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