Algorithmic Architecture

Winter Semester 2010 / 2011 | ICD Seminar
Diploma 2.2.7
Form Generation and Simulation

Prof. A. Menges, E. Baharlou

This seminar will investigate the potentials of algorithmic procedures for architectural design. The term algorithm is an idea that allows us to explore processes and theories of computational design. On the other hand, it also helps us to be able to use computational methods to generate new possibilities in form and space.

This course will offer students the basics of programming so that they may initiate computer-based processes and become familiar with algorithmic logics. By manipulating these algorithmic logics, they will find new methods that work in contrast to traditional means for architectural design. The result will be a paradigm by which generative processes and the simulation of complex systems can be achieved.

These design processes will engage "scripting" as it relates to architectural form. Addressing architectural logics, areas such as parametric modelling techniques, recursion and substitution methods, theory of complexity and stochastic search will be examined comprehensively. The programming will be done primarily with Visual Basic (VB) scripting in Rhinoceros 4.0 (RhinoScript). The basic principles and methods utilized in RhinoScript VB will be communicated within this course and tested on specific exercises.

The seminar language is English. Programming or scripting knowledge is not a necessary prerequisite for this course. The ability to model in Rhinoceros 4.0 is required.

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