Creative Computing

Winter Semester 2023/24 I ICD Seminar
Bachelor Module 22790, Computerbasiertes Entwerfen 1

Prof. T. Wortmann, Z. Akbar, G. Ron

Creative Computing

First Meeting: 19.10.2023, 9:45 - 12:15, room 10.07

The Creative Computing seminar (formerly Associative and Algorithmic Design) proposes a platform-agnostic approach to computational design, where students will develop computational thinking that stays relevant over time at the intersection of architecture and technology. The seminar will introduce the principles of computational design and its role in shaping contemporary architecture. Students will gain an understanding of how computation can augment the creative process in the way one perceives form, the way in which form is used, and the way in which form is produced; empowering architects to explore novel design solutions and optimize their projects for various criteria.

On the technical side, the seminar offers a hands-on experience where participants will develop open-source web browser 3D applications using modern web technology (e.g. JavaScript, React, ThreeJS, WebXR, etc.). They will learn the fundamental concepts of programming and 3D computer graphics, from variables and loops to functions and objects, empowering them to build a strong foundation for creating custom design tools with no dependency on commercial software.

The tutors will guide participants through hands-on tutorials and individual exercises in the first half of the semester. With the knowledge gained, students will advance to develop custom 3D applications tailored explicitly for architecture and design purposes as group projects in the second half of the semester.

By the end of the course, students will have honed their coding abilities, gained a profound comprehension of how code can be used to generate, manipulate, and evaluate architectural design forms. As the final outcome, a series of functional open-source web applications tailored for architecture and design will be exhibited at K1 and online, where the greater public can access and try their design applications.

The seminar will be conducted in English. Familiarity with 3D modeling and parametric design is preferred. Previous experience with any programming language and scripting is a plus, but not mandatory.

The course will be taught in person. The first half of the seminar will be lectures, tutorials, and individual exercises. The second half of the seminar will be group project development and help-desk sessions.


Interested students should send their portfolio of their digital modeling proficiency (e.g. Rhino and Grasshopper) from any previous courses. Please send a PDF file of your portfolio (max. 10 MB) to until the start of the seminar on October 19th, 2023. Please use this naming format: cc23_firstname_lastname_bsc/msc(please select one)_matrikelnummer. 

Please note that enrollment on C@mpus will be done after the acceptance to the seminar. 

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