Evolutionary Design Strategies / Project 2

Summer Semester 2009 | ICD Seminar - Project Samples
Subdivision Negotiating Illumination/Ventilation Performance

M. Baur, S. Kron, C. Schmidts, C. Weitzel
Prof. A. Menges, S. Ahlquist

Spatial Subdivision Negotiating Illumination/Ventilation Performance

Marco Baur, Sebastian Kron, Christian Schmidts, Christian Weitzel

The subdivision algorithm developed in this project is formulated generically to apply to various base "body" geometries. While the coding and procedure is very simple, when iteratively applied, it can produced highly complex arrangements. The evolutionary algorithm searches for a fit geometry by negotiating the criteria of surface-to-volume, solid-to-void, and degree of possible illumination and ventilation through the subdivided volume. This last criteria is approximated through the analysis of contour articulation throughout the depth of the geometry.

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