Algorithmic Geometry Generation

Summer Semester 2009 | ICD Seminar
Diploma 2.2.7
Form Generation and Simulation

Prof. A. Menges, Dr. O. Tessmann

New manufacturing techniques in the field of architecture allow for individualization within the serial mass production of building parts. This paradigm-shift demands a change in requirements for architectural design and the affiliated generation of geometry and data-sets for production. Only a seamless digital computer-based processing chain from the sketch all the way into fabrication and assembly allows for the utilization of these new possibilities and potentials in the architectural field.

Apart from the creation of geometries and the connected automation of processes, we will look into the potentials of algorithmic procedures for architectural designs and structures. Formalized design strategies define new links to associated disciplines such as structural engineering. Recursion allows to create feedback-loops, which pass information back into  the design process and can be used to advance the design-development.

This block-seminar focuses on parametric modeling techniques, associative description of geometry and the generation of geometry through Visual Basic (VB) scripting in Rhinoceros 4.0. The basic principles and methods utilized in RhinoScript VB  will be communicated within this course and tested on a specific exercise.

Programming-/Scripting-knowledge is not necessary.
The ability to model in Rhinoceros 4.0 is required.

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