Algorithmic Space: Project 1

Winter Semester 2011/12 | ICD Seminar
Evolutionary Light Fields

N. Jundt, G. Ladurner, C. Schmidts
Prof. A. Menges, S. Ahlquist, K. Dierichs, S. Reichert
Prof. M. Allmann, B. Klinge, S. Wockenfuß

The aim of the project is to create a structure, which provides specified fields of more or less light intensities through different times of the day. Important parameters are the geographic position and the resulting weather data, the built environment which potentially could obscure the site as well as the self-shading of the structure. The hypothesis is to create a structure which can strategically provide direct lighting in certain areas and keep it away from others. The constitutional parameters, which allow for the generation of the different morphologies, are the sliding mesh vertices along the z-direction and the opening of the faces of the mesh. A feedback loop allows for constant checking of the directly penetrating light on the floor during the day. This equals to eleven different sun vectors from morning to evening. These are influenced by the neighbouring buildings and by the actual shape of the structure. Embedding these parameters the structure is constantly pushed to a state in which it can better fit the demanded light situation by using an evolutionary algorithm.
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