Information Models

Winter Semester 2009 / 2010 ICD Seminar
Diploma 2.2.5

Prof. A. Menges, A. Walz

Information Models

Integrated design and manufacturing Strategies in Architecture

The application of computer-based technologies in the design, planning and production of buildings leads to an increasingly high geometric complexity in architectural forms and building systems. In this way, design becomes a process of calibrating the complex relation between structure, geometry, spatial organization, and construction planning. An important component of the process is managing the resulting information, and integrating it into the capabilities of computer-controlled manufacturing. Consequently, due to the increasing geometric complexity and efforts in constructing such works, a shift is occurring in which computer-based design technologies are moving from digital representational models to models of information.

The aim of the seminar is to provide insights into the methodological foundations and the practical use of information models based on project-specific considerations. The seminar will include theoretical reflections and practical applications of architectural design processes that may emerge from the possibilities of such information-based models with their capability of capturing the interconnection of systems, the specifics of geometric and material construction, and the detailed procedures for computer-controlled manufacturing.

No experience is necessary to participate in this seminar.

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