Expert Colloquium 1

Winter Semester 2021 / 2022 I ITECH Seminar
ITECH Module 49851

ICD: Prof. A. Menges, M. Claypool, K. Rinderspacher

Designing Automation: Technology, Labor and Politics

Expert Colloquium 1
ITECH Expert Lecture Series

In this seminar series we will expand the discourse on automation in architecture by reframing automation as a design project. We will explore the consequences of seeing automation not just as a technological solution or a method to replicate human labor, but as a means to navigate new social and infrastructural terrains, where scientific knowledge and the material production of technologies can be knotted into sociopolitical processes and imaginaries: particularly those of labor and politics.
We will read and discuss texts, films and other media on automation and labor in architecture as well as examine, harness and debate the implications of texts from post-work, feminist and accelerationist thinkers on how we can understand theories of automation as well as how these theories can inform and deform our disciplinary practices and building cultures. 
Students will be expected to develop collaborative methods of working in the sessions that learn from the media we look at, as well as participate in asynchronously designing a shared mediagraphy as an outcome of the seminar series that can inform their own individual or group design approach and practice.


Week 1: October 20th - introductory session
Week 2: break for ITECH thesis presentations, brief meeting on October 26th
Week 3: Wednesday, November 3rd
Week 4: Wednesday, November 10th 
Week 5: Wednesday, November 17th - 'AI & Design Open Seminar', The Bartlett
Week 6: Wednesday, November 24th
Week 7: Wednesday, December 1st - tutorials
Week 8: Wednesday, December 8th - student presentations of mediagraphy

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