ITECH Expert Colloquium 1

Winter Semester 2017 / 2018 | ITECH Seminar
Master Module 49850
Expert Colloquium 1

Prof. A. Menges, K. Rinderspacher

Expert Colloquium 1

The Expert Colloquium introduces knowledge about the current state of integrative technologies in practice and research, presenting the work of experts ranging from design architects and engineers to manufacturers, scientists and researchers. It offers students the possibility to discuss their own work with experts in the field as a base for further development.

18.10.2017 ITECH Introduction Lecture Prof. Achim Menges (ICD)
25.10.2017 ITECH Introduction Lecture Prof. Jan Knippers (ITKE)
07.11.2017 Expert Colloquium – Oliver David Krieg (ICD)
21.11.2017 Expert Colloquium – Jun. Prof. Hanaa Dahy (ITKE)
18.12.2017 Expert Colloquium – Tobias Schwinn (ICD)
09.01.2018 Expert Colloquium – James Solly (ITKE)
23.01.2018 Expert Colloquium – Karola Dierichs (ICD)
06.02.2018 Expert Colloquium – Saman Saffarian (ITKE)

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