Robotically Manufactured Material Systems

Summer Semester 2010 | ICD Seminar
Diploma 2.2.6

Prof. A. Menges, C. Robeller

Robotically Manufactured Material Systems

Computational manufacturing techniques and the file-to-fabrication workflow allow for the design of geometrically complex building parts and construction systems consisting of differentiated components. Similarly, computational design techniques allow for the integration of the specific limitations and possibilities of such computer-based manufacturing processes.

In this context, the industrial-scale robot, a widespread and common tool in other industry sectors, is of particular interest. In contrast to other numerically controlled machines, it allows for a wide variety of machining and handling operations with the single multi-axis device. This technology opens up new possibilities in design, but also makes specific and unique demands on the design process.

Through direct and practical experience, the aim of the seminar is to develop a material system that takes advantage of the additional possibilities of geometric differentiation afforded by such a robot-driven machining method. An essential component of this seminar is the faculty's new prototyping workshop and its large scale robotic machining/handling cell. Various experiments will be conducted, building 1:1 scale material elements and addressing conditions of joinery between such elements.

Additionally, we are offering the Option of a 1-Day visit to the training centre of a local robot manufacturer, which will include basic programming and practical training on the machines.

Robotically Manufactured Material Systems - Project 1

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